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The IDC Process

Coaching is a personal and confidential service that takes place through scheduled one-on-one sessions by phone or Internet. Perfectly suited for today's busy and complex lifestyles. Sessions are usually about 30 minutes long, but can vary to meet your personal needs. An important element of good coaching is convenience.

With Integrative Deep Coaching, the frequency, means, and duration of your coaching sessions are arranged to suit your needs. You also have the option of brief check-ins by phone and e-mail contacts at no extra cost.

Before each session, you have the opportunity to send me an update of your inter-session activities to bring me up to speed at the start of the session, saving you time and money.

During a typical session, you can expect to review your progress, receive feedback and encouragement, problem-solve obstacles, generate new tactics and strategies, and reset priorities as needed. Life-coaching is a task-focused and supportive process that centers on you and your success.

The Initial Contact:
Your first step to arrange a free consultation or to begin your coaching would be to contact me directly. For your convenience you can do this by phone, e-mail, letter, or fax. The free consultation of 20 minutes or so should help you decide whether coaching through IDC is something you want to undertake.

The Coaching Agreement:
Once you decide that you want to hire me as your life-coach, we will then establish an agreement for a block of sessions and arrange their duration, frequency, and schedule.

A typical duration and frequency is about 30 minutes, three times per month, but you can negotiate shorter or longer sessions and more or less frequent sessions to meet your needs. These can also be altered as your coaching progresses to match your needs, should they change.

Sessions are usually done over the phone, but you can use the Internet via Yahoo Messenger or another such service of your choice. Finally, face to face sessions can be arranged from time to time if we are in the same area.

I do not have a minimum number of months that I contract for, but three is recommended.

Should you decide to withdraw from IDC you will be refunded for unused coaching time.

The current rate for my coaching is $60.00 per twenty minute segment. Up to two brief email check-ins between sessions are provided without cost.

After the Initial Call and Agreement:
Once we have established our agreement, I will send you a packet of tools that I have designed to help you critique your life holistically, establish your vision of change, and begin to set the goals essential to your success.This assessment packet is free and it is optional for you to use.

We will also agree upon a time for our first working session. You will be asked to send me, through fax or e-mail, a copy of the assessment results prior to our first formal session. This will help us save time and effort in moving the coaching process along.

That first session will then be used to go over your results and to clarifying your goals. Then, we are off and running. You will be encouraged to send me a brief update of your week's activities before each scheduled session. This will make your use of time more efficient and cost effective. You can also identify any issues you would like to address in the upcoming session.

Emergency sessions can be arranged as needed, and I can always be reached through e-mail between sessions.

If you have any further questions about coaching process in general or about my services, I would love to speak with you directly or reply to your e-mail.


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There are a growing number articles, quick tips, and book reviews posted on the RESOURCES page that are relevant to coaching, psychology, and holistic wellness. Many of these can be downloaded in MSW or PDF format for your personal use. I invite you to explore these and return from time to time for updates.



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