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Career Tips: Have Some Class

Quick tips for a Better Career:

  1. Don’t gossip. Not only is gossiping in bad taste, it hurts two careers: the person’s targeted, and your own.
  2. Take responsibility for your mistakes. Admit when you are wrong or when you just “don’t know” what you think you should and in the long run you’ll benefit. Covering up and faking it is quite transparent and you’ll lose credibility.
  3. Take credit for your accomplishments. Learn to blow your own horn in a way that others enjoy the music and you’ll have an appreciative audience.
  4. Avoid writing memos when possible. Taking the time for brief meetings enhances personal connections and often saves time and money.
  5. Are you worth it? Whether you provide a service to the public or to an employer, ask yourself whether you would pay someone what you are being paid for the services you provide. As tough as this can be to answer honestly, it can lead to greater job satisfaction.
  6. 6. Zen the set-backs. When things don’t go your way, let it go. There are always going to be times when you don’t get the promotion or kudos you deserve, or when someone else gets recognized for doing work that’s inferior to yours. So what? Let it go with dignity and poise and move forward. Your career will follow.
  7. Work to live, do not live to work. Remember why we work in the first place: it pays the bills and it is, or should be, a source of satisfaction. Beyond these, however, we work so that we can enjoy this life. When you’re 99 years old, having made that big sale in the Summer of 2002 will have been long forgotten and will likely have made little no difference in your life. On the other hand, having taken the time to live well and build positive memories of that season can add an enduring richness to your existence.
  8. Follow the Golden Rule. Treat others as you would have them treat you, and you’ll build allies, not rivals.


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