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Un-clutter Your Life

Our surroundings have a profound impact on our mood and energy. Some objects, such as a beautiful arrangement of flowers, can energize and inspire us, but others can sap our energy and effect our thinking. Of the latter, a clutter of unused objects (junk) and a pile of unfinished tasks (mind junk) are the worse. Nature loves order and so do our minds. If you try to live and work in a cluttered environment, your thinking will tend to be cluttered and your life disorderly. One very quick and powerful way to improve upon your life is to get rid of the junk in it.

To prove this to yourself, try the following. List all of the things in your work and home environment that you feel depleted by. These are the things that you prefer not to look at and that you get a slight sinking feeling in your stomach when you do. Then, commit to cleaning them out of your life. Most people find that they can consistently clear out two and four items per week so commit to doing at least two.

For unused clutter, simply throw them out or give them away. If you are not sure about something, stick it in a box and store it out of sight for several months. After that, unless it is clear you want it, throw it out. For unfinished projects, sort through them and eliminate the ones that you can through delegation, integration into other works, or simply dump them. Then, prioritize those remaining and set aside time each week to work through them, highest priority first.

If you are like most people, you'll find that not only will you begin to feel better about your surroundings, but you will have more energy and be able to live and work better. It is a basic principle of Chinese art of Feng Shui that when we eliminate the clutter in our lives, positive things will move in to fill the void. Watch for these.


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